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You can rely on our expertise to clean your office, commercial or industrial facility so that you can concentrate on your business and the new opportunities! Request a FREE cleaning quote from professional commercial cleaning company with 20+ years of experience in janitorial business.

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Get A Quote For Office Cleaning. AJ Services is a reliable commercial cleaning company with over 20 years of experience. We’ve quoted it all, from office spaces to churches and everything in between. Schools, bowling alleys, restaurants, dealerships, venue halls, there’s nothing we can’t handle. When it comes to cleaning, cost can be a big factor. Cost for commercial or industrial cleaning differs based off of square footage or hours needed to be worked. However, there is discrepancy between square footage or hours depending on the details that are requested. We’re not like other cleaning companies, you will receive a office cleaning quote in a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes. Call now to schedule a no obligation, cost free cleaning quote. With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on AJ Services to meet all of your cleaning expectations. Our pricing reflect today's economy and costs are reasonable along with clients expectations. Get commercial cleaning quote for office cleaning and janitorial services.
Get commercial cleaning quote for office cleaning and janitorial services. Online Office Commercial Cleaning Estimate. 877-59-CLEAN. Click now to receive a no obligation, cost free cleaning quote in a matter of hours, based on the discrepancy between square footage or hours depending on the details requested.

Office Cleaning Service Sample Costs

Below are a examples of price facts for Office Janitorial Services which will give you an idea how how much you will pay for your janitotrial services.

  • Cleaning of a 40,000 square foot office building - $0.04 to $0.10.
  • Office cleaned up to 12,000 Sq Ft - generally ranges between $0.09 to $0.16.
  • Offices cleaned via hourly rates cost between - $20 to $50/hour.

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  • Call toll-free: (877) 592-5326 (59-CLEAN)
  • PO Box 57, Fox Lake, IL 60020 - (630) 447-0555 More info: Chicago, IL
  • 6650 W. State St, #D128, Milwaukee, WI 53213 - (414) 944-1484 More info: Milwaukee, WI
  • Racine, Franksville, Caledonia, Oak Creek, Franklin, WI 53403 - (262) 264-8777 More info: Racine, WI
  • Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, Bristol, Kansasville, WI 53140 - (262) 264-8777 More info: Kenosha, WI
  • 840 S. Rancho Dr, Ste #4-425, Las Vegas, NV 89106 - (702) 723-7816 More: Las Vegas, NV
  • 3315 E Russell Rd, Ste A-4/226, Las Vegas, NV 89120 - (702) 723-7816 More: Henderson, NV
  • Phoenix, Glendale, AZ 85302, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, Phoenix, AZ 85033 - (877) 592-5326 More info: Phoenix, AZ
  • Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Riverside, CA 90058 - (714) 696-1445 More: Los Angeles, CA
  • 12850 Hwy 9, Ste #600-325, Alpharetta, GA 30004 - (678) 390-5444 More: Atlanta, GA
  • Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Winchester, Mount Sterling, KY 40508, 40503 - (877) 592-5326 More: Lexington, Louisville, KY
  • Stoughton, Janesville, Whitewater, Madison, WI 53713, 53703 - (877) 592-5326 More: Madison, WI
  • Lafayette, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, IN 46260, 46201 - (877) 592-5326 More: Indianapolis, IN
  • Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Columbus, OH 43201, 43215 - (877) 592-5326 More: Columbus, OH
  • New York City, New Jersey, NV, 11776 - (877) 592-5326 More: New York City, NY
  • Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, FL, 33054 - (877) 592-5326 More: Miami, FL

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